Two More Articles in Support of Amoris laetitia

Last week I posted two articles written in rebuttal to the 4 Cardinals’ demand that Pope Francis reply “yes” or “no” two 5 questions, or dubia, that they posed.  I also noted where I saw his replies and he is not backing down one bit.  The right-wing, Traditionalist blogs are now calling him a “heretic” and calling for his impeachment.  I have growing concerns because “sources” I have in Rome just this week are describing the opposition to him as “ferocious” but that he is calm and serene about it all.  He was quoted from one interview as saying “I am not loosing sleep over it”. Based on one twitter account I monitor, the “tweets” back on any mention or link of an article in support of the Pope are very nasty and belligerent and also calling the Pope a heretic.   I will continue to keep an eye on this situation and then post current content.  The two articles I am posting below are a bit more high level in their arguments, especially when they discuss the issues of imputability.

Click HERE to read a rebuttal posted on Vatican Insider by someone who is described as a prominent philospher  and an expert on John Paul II’s teaching.

Click HERE to read an article that was posted also on Vatican Insider but in their Italian section only.  So, I translated it.  It is “very Italian” in its wording, a wording that may seem a bit different, but readable none the less.  It’s just the way some Italians write….and I even “Americanized” it a bit!


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