What do we say?

Father Pagola’s homily this week is made up almost entirely of questions, an interesting way to homilize.  But the questions should not be dismissed lightly and provide much food for thought….Reyanna

By José Antonio Pagola (English translation by Rebel Girl), August 24, 2014, Iglesia Descalza blog spot

Jesus addresses the same question to us Christians today too that he once directed to his disciples: “And you, who do you say that I am?” He’s not asking us just to express ourselves on his mysterious identity, but also so that we might review our relationship with him. What can we answer from our communities?

Do we know Jesus better and better or do we have him “enclosed in our old, dull categories” as always? Are we living communities, interested in putting Jesus at the center of our life and activities, or are we mired in routine and mediocrity? (To continue reading, click here.)

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