What is the Catholic response to the rise of nationalism?

This article by Bishop McElroy of San Diego, one of the “Francis Bishops” recently appointed is well worth the long read.  It is thoughtful, well-written and thought-provoking.  It would be good material for a group discusssion.  We have some interesting months ahead of us as a nation.  We need to think about the things he is writing about in this piece…..reyanna

By Robert W McElroy        January 24, 2017        America Magazine on-line

A powerful nationalism surges through our country. It points to the feelings of dispossession that have been abroad in our land. It hints of past betrayal. It calls forth sentiments of heartfelt patriotism rooted in the historic legacy of the American experiment in freedom and democracy. It signals a nostalgia for the past and searches for renewed greatness in our nation.

As a new administration and Congress begin, the merger of populism and nationalism at work in the cultural and political currents of the United States compels us to explore deeply the nature of both nationalism and patriotism and to evaluate them in the light of our identity as disciples of Jesus Christ.

In Catholic social teaching, the love of country is a virtue.

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