What We’re Still Learning from Benedict’s Resignation

I am glad to see this veteran Church watcher saying this.  It was something I was thinking also recently especially after Benedict’s words on the occasion of the reception for his 65th ordination anniversary.  The “Pope Emeritus” honored PF by thanking him for his kindness and addressing him as “Holy Father”.  I see the church beginning to move in the direction Francis is coaxing it.  We need to be patient with his process….reyanna

By Massimo Faggiolli       July 26, 2016       dotCommonweal on-line

Transfers of power can be messy, maybe even more so when they play out over time. Pope Benedict XVI resigned more than three years ago and Francis is undeniably the only pope. Yet in some ways the transition is ongoing, and it continues to affect the Church.

That’s in part because the resignation itself isn’t really finished. With Benedict living his quasi-monastic retirement in the Vatican (though some may dream, his resignation cannot be rescinded), those who might be thought of as closest to the theological, spiritual, and cultural agenda of that pontificate still seem to be feeling its effects. It was clear back on that unforgettable February day in 2013 that the ones most shocked by the decision were the biggest fans of the pope-theologian Joseph Ratzinger. For some that shock manifested very early as opposition to Pope Francis (an opposition thus in place a full year before the first discussions that led to the Synods of October 2014 and 2015 and finally to the exhortation Amoris Laetitia).

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