What are we About?

Some time ago someone from our group introduced me to a new blogpost: “Questions from a Ewe”.   The author of this blog is a laywoman somewhere in a local midwest parish.  Her blog touches people all around the world.  Today she told the story of what prompted her to begin to write a blog and it resonated with me as a “Concerned Catholic of Montana”.  I think it will have the same resonance with you.  

Here is an excerpt from her blog: “I think I easily could have wrapped myself in victimhood, sported bitterness and blamed “the church” while wallowing in unhappiness.  I could have stomped off in a huff from the church, righteously licking my wounds.  Instead I found freedom in broadening my horizons while remaining in my faith community.  More importantly I experienced a great deal of spiritual growth and found a new way to serve God.”  To read her entire article click here.

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  1. Tom Degan says:

    We’re either going to be Cardinal Spellman Catholics or Thomas Merton Catholics. I’m glad to see you folks have decided to model yourselves after the latter.


    Tom Degan

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