What’s going on with Pope Francis and the clergy sex abuse crisis?

Many of you may have already read  a number of articles in the last week related to Pope Francis and the clergy sex abuse crisis.  If you have not, I wanted to collect some of the major ones in this post just so you are all aware of what is going on.  I think there is more than meets the eye in some of what is happening.  

Today it was reported that Marie Collins resigned from the papal Commission for the Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults that the Pope set up in 2014 to begin to work on issues revolving around the crisis and to develop policy and procedures that could be applied world-wide on how cases are handled, victims are cared for and bishops and priests held accountable.  She was the only abuse survivor still on the commission.  There was another one, Peter Saunders, who claimed he was fired by the commission last year but is technically on a leave according to the Vatican.  If you have not read about this you can do so by clicking HERE.  Her take on what is going on and her reasons for resigning make for interesting reading.

You also may have read last week that an AP reporter assigned to the Vatican, Nicole Winfield, published an article that reported that the pope was  basically “backsliding” on how abused priests are handled.  If have not read this story not you can read it HERE.

 However, there are other voices, one, which you can read HERE, and who echoes the immediate thought I had when I read the Winfield piece, theorizes this all may have more sinister aims.  Not to mention exploiting a painful issue, there may be an effort on the part of some in the Church to try to discredit PF in any way they can.

 Today I came across a very well-written and thought out piece by Austen Iveriegh, one of the major biographers of Pope Francis.  He traces back through the recent articles and provides a much needed balanced perspective.   You can read that article HERE.   Austen Ivereigh, the author of this piece, I know for a fact has very, very good connections to what is transpiring in the Vatican.  

A lot of reading, I know, but I think it wise to stay a bit abreast of all of this.  I don’t think we have heard the end of it yet as over the last few month I have grown increasingly convinced that there is a very concerted effort to try to bring down this pope in any way possible, even if they have to smear his good name in doing so.  As I read the comments to the Michael Sean Winters article that you read on the NCR website, I read a comment from someone who actually accused the pope of being a sexual abuser himself and that is why he was “going easy” on priests who abuse.  I contacted the editor of NCR very quickly when I read it.  The comment has been deleted from the comment string.  There have been similar subtle hints across several of the “Rad Trad” blogs in the last few months along these same lines, either that the Pope is soft on abusers, doesn’t know what he is doing with the issue or is an abuser himself.

Keep Pope Francis in your thoughts and prayers.  All reports, and by his own admission, is that he is “serene and calm”.  Robert Mickens says he is “unflappable” but extra prayers never hurt….


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