Where there is pain, there is God

I  suffer from fibromyalgia and have done so for years.  I tell you this not to whine but as the lead-in for this article.  This morning when I got up, as usual, my muscles hurt, but this morning was one of those mornings where it hurt to blink my eyelids.  That is the nature of this mysterious condition for which no one has provided an answer nor any good remedy.  I deal with it mind over matter and try not to let it slow me down.  I take great consolation in the following quote from Pope Francis:

“The wrong attitude is that of living pain in a passive way, allowing oneself to be overcome by inertia and resignation.  The reaction of rebellion and denial, too, is not the right approarch.  Jesus teaches us to experience pan, accepting the reality of life with trust and hope, loving God and neighbor even in suffering: love transforms everything”

Audience with Silent Workers of the Cross Associations–Volunteer Centers of Suffering

May 17, 2014

As I moved through my day, riding in my truck going into town, listening to music….something I like to do because it helps…. and praying, I was thinking about this whole issue of the pain I endure.  I was asking the inevitable “Why?” that is part of the human condition because we all suffer.  Clear as a bell, I felt an answer come to me:  “I am closer to you than your pain”.  When I reached a spot to have some lunch, spending time perusing the internet on my smart phone for articles to post here,  I opened the article below from US Catholic.  I share all of this because I need to remind myself, that all of us when we suffer are truly not alone and that God is indeed, closer to us than our pain.  

By A US Catholic Interview       February 17, 2016     US Catholic on-line

Passionist priest Robin Ryan says human suffering will always be a mystery. But the presence of God will always reach deeper, further, and wider.

We all know what it is to feel pain and loss. Whether from the loss of a loved one, a cancer diagnosis, or a natural disaster, everyone experiences suffering.

According to Robin Ryan, an associate professor of systematic theology at Catholic Theological Union and a Passionist priest, the presence of suffering is the one thing that most challenges our faith. “Suffering isn’t an elective course,” he says. “It’s not optional. Even if a person lives in a mansion and has a great job, suffering touches everybody and affects everybody’s faith.”

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2 Responses to Where there is pain, there is God

  1. M Sikora says:

    This was a beautiful commentary on suffering, knowing Christ is with us in our pain.
    I am so sorry that you are enduring the pains of Fiber Myalgia. That is an enduring condition with no known cure to date. Hopefully, the medication you take keeps it somewhat under control.

    • Reyanna Rice says:

      Thank you for your concerns. I have had various doctors try different medications and none, short of hardcore pain killers which result in addictions, work. I have a regimen of things I use, like hot tub, accupuncture, and homeopathic and herbal products, but some days nothing helps but just living with it.

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