While Pope Francis Lives In A Dorm, U.S. Bishops Enjoy Italian Luxury

This place is not too far from where I stayed last October while I was in Rome.  It is less than a half mile away from the working class neighborhood where I stayed..  I never got a chance to hike around the huge Doria Pamphilia park along which the Villa Stritch is located, but passed by the edge of it on my way to the bus stop every morning.  It is a nice-sized piece of woodland and very lovely.   These guys just are not getting the message.  And to give you a humorous glimpse of how badly they are not getting it, enjoy this cartoon:……..Reyanna

Dont get the message


By Mario Bazzucchi          March 4, 2016          Huffington Post on-line

ROME — U.S. bishops living in Italy enjoy luxurious new renovations to their living quarters, despite Pope Francis’ edict that church officials ought to live more humbly.

Upon his election in 2013, Pope Francis said that he wanted a church “that is poor and is for the poor.” He arrived with a plan to reform the priorities of the Catholic church, left embattled after Benedict XVI’s often luxurious reign. In particular, Francis sought to put an end to the Vatican’s lavish spending, even on a personal level. Francis broke with century-old tradition when he refused to move into the Apostolic Palace and opted for a two-bedroom apartment in a communal residence in the Vatican.

Despite the pontiff’s efforts, controversy has continued to unfold. Two booksreleased last year have described gross mismanagement of Vatican finances. Allegations against senior Vatican leaders have appeared in the media; one report claimed last year that the Vatican’s former secretary of state used funds earmarked for charity to renovate his home.

The latest refurbishment of Villa Stritch, the Vatican’s living quarters for U.S. priests, is yet another example of Vatican spending. As HuffPost Italy uncovered,

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