Why did Pope Francis join Instagram?

This may not be a big deal to most readers of this website, but remember, this pope frequently speaks of going out to the peripheries and encountering people where they are.  He knows that the Church is looking at a crisis in reaching out to young people.  I see what he is doing here as his moving out to where the young ones are and that is on the social media.  The author of this piece is a very close collaborator and “spiritual son” of PF.  Antonio Spadaro, who interviewed the pope for the first extensive interview of him in 2013 that appeared in all the major Jesuit journals world wide, is also something of an expert in the use of the internet and social media for doing evangelization work.  CyberTheology is just one of several internet presences he has.  His thoughts on why the pope joined Instagram are interesting.  The Pope went live today, March 19, on Instagram and after 12 hours had 1 million followers, with 15,000 in the first 30 minutes.  The Vatican is well aware that there are literally billions of photographs present on the web of PF.  By joining Instagram, they can exert a bit of control on how some of those photos are interpreted and also present the Pope giving his best messages and that is through gestures…..reyanna

By Antiono Spadaro S.J.          March 19, 2016         CypberTheology on-line

Pope Francis “landed” on Instagram Saturday, March 19, 2016.  In reality, figure out one thing right away: Pope Francis was already on Instagram.  In the sense that he is from when he looked out for the first time from the loggia for blessings, immediately after his election.  IMG_6350We must in fact understand that we are not on the social network only when we open a personal (or institutional) account, but when others talk about us and share our words and our presence on their social network

From when Pope Francis looked out from the loggia for blessings, photos with cell phones and tablets were shot that immediately ended up on social networks and therefore even on Instagram  Currently, we have many accounts that carry his name that post photos and short video that view him as a star.  But the more relevant presence is that which is due to the many who post and share images on their personal accounts.

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  1. david jackson says:

    Thank you for this post. I am an amateur photographer and have experienced the effect good photos have on people. I think the old saying is true: “A photo is worth a thousand words.” I very much love this pope and his fellow Jesuit Spadaro.

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