Why this Jesuit working for Israeli-Palestinian peace is hopeful

This man is giving an amazing witness to peace and hope.  The interviewer is Fr. Matt Malone, editor of America Magazine.  He asks the man, also a Jesuit, to talk about his background, which is an amazing story in itself.  How he got to be a Jesuit is also probably interesting, but he does not detail that part of his life.  As I watched this video, I say a child run up to him in two different shots.  Once he picked up the child and another time he embraced the child, enfolding him or her into his arms.  My sense from his body language was that nothing else mattered in the world to him at that moment other than the presence of the child.  I have been to the Holy Land twice in my life and have seen how the various groups, Jews, Palestinians, and Christians, all have their own “turf” which they seem to intensely protect, and, yes, sometimes with walls.  He talks about walls and what they do to people.  As PF says and this man lives: “Build bridges, not walls.  I hope you come away from this short video with a very good feeling of hope…reyuanna.

  HERE,Click to watch the video.

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