Will Pope Francis Pull It Off?

A bit of a long read, but worth it.  It is always interesting to hear from voices in other countries regarding this papacy.  We here in the US, IMHO, are getting a sometimes very slanted view of Pope Francis….reyanna

By Anthony Russ, OSB           March 11, 2017        PrayTell blog on-line

This Monday, March 13, is the fourth anniversary of the day Pope Francis was elected and appeared on the loggia in 2013. After four years of surprise and shakeup, many wonder if church reform will develop and take root. In that spirit, Pray Tell visited with Fr. Rocco D’Ambrosiosocial scientist from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, about his forthcoming Liturgical Press book, “Will Pope Francis Pull It Off? The Challenge of Church Reform.”


PTB: Let’s get right to the point: Will Francis pull it off? What are the odds, in your view, that he will succeed in reforming the Church?

Pull it offRDA: It is very difficult to speak of probability in a complex reality like the Catholic Church. (I speak obviously from the human point of view, knowing that the Spirit acts outside all our expectations!) Therefore the possible outcomes are many and making forecasts almost impossible. I believe, however, that some of the processes of reform that Pope Francis has initiated are now irreversible and so I think that in some ways he is already succeeding.

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