Will the Pope Change the Vatican? Or Will the Vatican Change the Pope?

My money is on the first half of the question in the title of this article from National Geographic, yes, National Geographic.  PF is good press for them all.  This is a long read but well worth it.   I must say I had the best belly laugh in a long time when I read the last paragraph…..Reyanna

By Robert Draper, no date listed, National Geographic on-line

When about 7,000 awed strangers first encounter him on the public stage, he is not yet the pope—but like a chrysalis stirring, something astounding is already present in the man. Inside Stadium Luna Park, in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina, Roman Catholics and evangelical Christians have gathered for an ecumenical event. From the stage, a pastor calls out for the city’s archbishop to come up and say a few words. The audience reacts with surprise, because the man striding to the front had been sitting in the back all this time, for hours, like no one of any importance. (To continue reading, click here.)

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