Y’ad Think They Were Proddies For How They Hate The Pope

This post is a bit of a long and hard read.  It is shocking but I want readers to be aware of this issue.  Also, it is not only from those in the traditional/conservative/right-wing side of the church.   There is beginning to be a strong current from the other side of the aisle accusing this pope of some rather outrageous things.  I think that is a huge mistake.  This man represents the best chance for the church to see some major reform.  It will take time and we need to be patient, continue to support Francis and above all, as he asks of us “Please pray for me.  I need it.”  When you click on the link to continue to read and jump to the original article, for this website, you will need to scroll down a bit to find the article…Reyanna

Recently a number of Katholic Krazie blogs have ceased publishing. In one case, a deacon who maintained a blog was instructed by his bishop not to publish anymore. In another, the blogger’s confessor suggested that she cease publishing at least temporarily for her own spiritual welfare. In other cases bloggers of the Katholic Krazie persuasion have just given up, having become discouraged by the significant change of direction in which Pope Francis is taking the Church. But there are some, fortunately for my entertainment value, who are resolved to slog on through this winter of their papal discontent in their determination to keep the Church on what they determine to be its orthodox track when we have Mad Max at the helm of Peter’s Barque. Dymphna’s Road, a peculiar little blog from Virginia that more frequently is given to somewhat maudlin pictures than to serious thought, published a posting a few months ago “Screaming in Pain” about the plight of those Catholics who are struggling with the current Pope and his style.  (To continue reading, click here.)

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2 Responses to Y’ad Think They Were Proddies For How They Hate The Pope

  1. Magy Stelling says:

    Wow, Reyanna, How does one even consider being charitable after reading that!!!!!

    • Reyanna Rice says:

      I understand but I think somehow we need to find a way to be charitable or the church will remain even more polarized. The folks writing these things, and there are many more blogs than he cites, say we in the progressive arm of the church were just as bad when B16 was bishop of Rome. I don’t remember seeing comments near the level of the vitriol I find on these sights. I think what Francis is trying to do is to draw as many as he can from both sides back towards the center. I read a statistic yesterday that there is maybe 1% of the church who has taken this hard of a stance against Francis. But, when you run the math figuring there are about a billion Catholics, that’s 10 million people!

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